Ruben Kos

Repositioning strategy.

Ford wanted to place a focus on all the personalization possibilities the Ford Ka offered. While also stepping away from the perception that it was an expensive and somewhat dull car.

  • Details
  • Client: Ford
  • Team: Ogilvy
  • Primary Roles
  • Visual Design
  • UX Design

The problem.

Small cars are an interesting product. There is a lot of competition out there as almost every car brand offers a small car in Europe. Compared to its competitors in the same segment, the Ford Ka was definitely seen as one of the more expensive options, even though this was definitely not the case. In order to change this perception, Ford was looking for a repositioning of their smallest.

Complete your personal Ka

Goals and objectives.

Ford was unique in offering so many personalization options to its customers on a car like the Ka. The primary goal of the project was to let people become aware of this and let them discover how versatile a Ford Ka could be. By focusing on how different the Ford Ka could express itself we wanted to create empathy with our target audience.

  • Create awareness around the Ford Ka and its customisation possibilities.
  • Present the customers with their personal Ka.


I worked closely together with an Art Director who focused on the creative concepts. We also hired a talented illustrator to create different word marks for the campaign and got custom 3D models of the Ford Ka created to support the designs. As the campaign also contained several offline deliverables we had to make sure at all times we aligned the work as good as possible.

I came up with multiple UI/UX explorations, user flows, and different stories based on the creative concepts and collaborated with a development team abroad to make sure everything was delivered as intended.


To focus on all the personalization possibilities that the Ford Ka offered, I created a short quiz with six simple questions. Every answer translated to an upgrade for your personal Ka.

For example, if you prefer sunglasses over gloves, you are better off with a sunroof than seat heating. With a simple decision tree, we were then able to customize a Ford Ka that suited the customer in the best way possible based on their answers.

  • Awareness around the personalization options of the Ford Ka.
  • Increased number of followers on the Facebook page of Ford.
  • Some of the liveries that I designed for the configurator have been sold in real-life through multiple participating Ford dealerships.


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