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Mercedes-Benz has a range of different vans. Each of these models is the least expensive option in their own segment when looking at the total cost of ownership.

  • Primary Roles
  • Lead Visual Design
  • UX Design

The problem.

Mercedes-Benz was looking for a platform where they could communicate the story of the total cost of ownership of their vans. This had to blend-in seamless with their offline and online campaigns and convert potential customers into valuable leads.

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Goals and objectives.

Buying a van for your company can be a difficult journey. Buying a van itself is not that complicated, but thinking beyond the purchase moment is not something everyone does. When does this van need to be serviced? How would this work? Can I drive this van for the next number of years? Can I get this van tailored to my personal needs? These are questions that can come up in this journey, and are not always answered as easily.

Mercedes-Benz wanted to make potential customers aware of these challenges and put the emphasis on the total cost of ownership, instead of just the purchase price of a van.

As Mercedes-Benz is a premium brand, the designs created for this project should breathe this in every way possible. As the overall website of Mercedes-Benz was quite aged this became a clear challenge from the start. How can we evolve the current look and feel, while still staying close to the brand promises and recognition?

  • Transfer information in an attractive and easy-to-understand manner.
  • Persuade potential customers to request a test drive.
  • Blend-in seamless with offline and online campaigns.
  • Evolve the digital language of Mercedes-Benz.

Tire pressure sensor

The Tire Pressure Monitor tracks your vehicle's tire pressures and can warn you of pressure loss.

Light and rain sensors

The light and rain sensor automatically adapts the lights and the wipers to suit weather conditions.

Electronic Stability Program

Adaptive ESP assists the driver in critical handling situations, ensuring greater safety.

PTC element

Thawed frozen windshields extra fast.


Award-winning Dutch agency N=5 asked Buyerminds to help create an online platform that blends with their campaign for Mercedes-Benz. The main goal was to increase the conversion for this campaign.

As a Lead Designer (UX & Visual) on this project, I started the project by evolving the online design language of Mercedes-Benz. After creating multiple moodboards, concepts and doing international research I was able to narrow the visual language down to something that fit perfectly with the brand. In the meantime, Design Researchers made sure we had all the information that was needed to successfully create a valuable information structure.

During the design process, I worked closely with developers from an external party and made sure everything was executed perfectly as was initially meant. As we were working in an Agile way, I had the luxury to iterate on the work while gathering feedback from users. This way we could ensure the best outcome possible before launching the campaigns.

Responsive experience


Rich visual content, paired with an overall clear, easy to navigate experience and clean design resulted in a unique experience across all devices. By using different Persuasion Design and psychology techniques, I managed to get a high conversion rate across all different van models, satisfying the client in return.

  • Increased number of test drives by 20%.
  • High traffic to the campaign sites.
  • Visitors were very satisfied with the content.
  • Overall satisfaction within Mercedes-Benz and its employees.


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