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As a KLM Flying Blue royalty member you earn Award Miles with every flight. Flying Blue - American Express co-branded cards will help you enjoy all benefits to the extra mile.

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  • Client: KLM / Flying Blue
  • Team: Buyerminds
  • Primary Roles
  • Lead Visual Design
  • UX Design

The problem.

Unfortunately, after 20 months of no flying, people will lose all of their hard earned Award Miles with Flying Blue. In order to keep your Award Miles after this period, you only have to choose a Flying Blue - American Express co-branded card, which will then let you keep your Award Miles while offering you many other benefits.

With a Flying Blue - American Express Card your Award Miles are safe.

Goals and objectives.

People that are a royalty member with any airline, are or have been most likely frequent travelers. These people also most likely own one or more payment card, as this makes their traveling experience more pleasant. Getting these people to buy into another payment card can, therefore, be a very difficult proposition.

Flying Blue offers a strong loyalty program, with multiple ways to save points and a large catalog to spend these points on. It’s existing members are already familiar with this great service and are therefore easier to persuade. The biggest selling point is that Flying Blue is now offering them a way to continue their saving in the program.

  • Transfer information in an intuitive and easy-to-understand manner.
  • Express the value of the payment cards in an attractive visual way.
  • Persuade existing Flying Blue members to request a Flying Blue - American Express co-branded card.


As a Lead Designer (Visual and UX) on this project for Buyerminds, I introduced a new online language for Flying Blue royalties program. I led the design process, oversaw developers and made sure the overall style I introduced was maintained and executed as was initially meant.

For the new design language, I created multiple visual explorations with the use of mood boards. These were all based on research that was done as well as the already existing offline guidelines provided by Flying Blue.

Because payment cards can be quite complex and people can be afraid of the small print, it was crucial for me to get a deep understanding of the product that was sold. I created research around payment cards and the fears that come with these for average users. I then took these insights and designed multiple content sections to tackle these, taking away all fears and frustrations for the end-user.

Responsive experience


The new design language that I created for this campaign was so well received, that Flying Blue decided to use this as their main language for online communication. This was obviously a big outcome for me, but what about the project goals that were set? There was increased traffic to the landing page due to the email campaigns that were created, people found it easier to find information and most importantly, more users converted into customers on the landing pages.

  • Increased traffic due to an email campaign.
  • Visitors were very satisfied with the content that was provided.
  • Higher conversion in card sales because of the new landing pages.
  • New Design Language created a foundation for all online communication.

Responsive emails.

For this project, it was a logical choice to notify existing Flying Blue members and trigger them for a unique opportunity. To do so, we persuaded clients to learn more about a Flying Blue - American Express co-branded card by email. Ultimately our landing pages would convert them into an actual customer. Based on different ranges of miles, I tailored the messaging to the existing members. Within the emails, I was luckily able to call out the number of miles the Flying Blue members would lose if they would not apply for a Flying Blue - American Express co-branded card, this has proven to function as a strong motivator.

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